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A scary story about a troll under a building... no seriously. It's a true story.


The Menstruator is back, though she never really went away. Hrc-Her party. Stephen Fry and HIV. Reversing chronic pain.


It's Clit Cluster Behind the Laughter Hosted by Pussy Vagina. As well as a grand finale of Lesbo Feud, now we know why that old host offed himself. Listen responsibly.


Much could be said here, instead? It's part one of the last show ever. Why the last show ever? It's your fault. Deal with it. Lesbian spy network. Menstruator OUT!


Andy Kindler is a lover (sexually?) of the homeless. Tell us your best kick in the balls story:


We've been jamming. Pussy Vagina on vocals, believe it or not and The Menstruator on guitar. No we aren't playing you any of it yet. Harsh talk about the c. cluster. Pussy Vagina is told the news. Endometriosis isn't even in most spell checks.


Time for everyone's favorite snooze-fest, What's that Musical clot? Clit Cluster seems depressed. The Lesbian Spy Network raises charges against Pussy Vagina on grounds of breederism. Dudesons. Read Lesbian Connection Magazine Pleas. 330-2Tampon,


Clit cluster, buffy song, who's coming out May 5th? big lesbian secrets discussed w/ none other than Pussy Vagina...


Big announcement revealed!!! I introduce Puva to the internet. Big announcement! Exclusive recording of what men sound like. Have you heard this big announcement? End of show is a little unplugged.


Stagnation. Nice weather = Jerkiness. Put your fucking shirt on. Got seance questions? Email or call 330-2tampon. Sugar Magnolia, cover by Susanna Hoffs, UNITY by Queen Latifah. Vagina song by...


A SUPER burning Pussy Vagina query. Plus a Peaches song. 7 kids 6 moms, BOO. Gender traitor of the century is named. Spreading Misandry like men spread hiv. Rock and Roll FEMALE fantasy camp is discussed. 330-2TAMPON. Call now, please?


Puva and M travel to The Rotunda to see Womynsfest #11 by Vitamin D Productions. We see Dragoness, Victoria and the Spathe Cadets, Dolly Trolly, Chrissy Tashian and Dangerous Ponies. Clips from the ride to the car to when we leave.
Have a male free day!


The Clitoral Cluster could be possessed by the lesbian ghost in my house. Pussy Vagina plays What's my Musical Clot? Listeners can play at home... And of course, the Vagina Song.
Tampon the wonderdog:
Womyns Music Fest #11:


Listener phone calls... including Cunty Kathy, Menstrual Molly and a self proclaimed serial cock biter. Pussy Vagina is around to play Name the Oppressor. Much more random discussion and of course an Endo Update... synarella ahoy! What's up with those horrible ASPCA commercials?


That's right, we shut out the lights and held hands... the result. A ghostly experience. Knock twice for no, once for yes and three times if you are a feminist. 330.2TAMPON.


Beyond angry from a male plumber's affectionate nickname for me, "hon," I read from the scriptures. That is: For Lesbians Only A Separatist Anthology. Edited by Sarah Lucia-Hoagland & Julia Penelope copyright 1988. Pieces by Ginny Berson, Radicallesbians, Revolutionary Lesbians and more.


Pussy Vagina stops by to show her underwear. We go over the best/worst of 2009 whilst eating muffins and drinking tea. Also discussed: my aunt flo's falsiez.


We bust up the real world mega monster a bit. Happy tidings, sort of, for the holidays.


Ode to my Strap On song premiere by Julie Scherr!!! SWATI played as well. A very special visit from the Clitoral Cluster!
Listen to:
Julie Sherr:
SWATI: for your zine needs. Call 330.2TAMPON
FUCK SMALL TALK: Send a SASE to Samantha Manchester, 7 Edgeclift Road, Towson, MD 27286 (she'll send you something genuine)


Two lesbians, in a hot tub, talking about the evil that men do and will continue to do unless we as females collectively do something about it. It's not about taking back just the night, we have to take back EVERYTHING. That's right, everyone's favorite game, Name the Oppressor.

Listen to:
Leslie and the LY's-
Sick of Sarah-

You want the zines? She has the zines:
call: 330-2Tampon


Puva. New house. Semenya, do bi's brush their teeth more, melissa huckaby, dirty lady time, synarella la la. You are the wind beneath pad wings.

Show from August 15th. Fantasy Jill of all Trade is going to have sex with my girlfriend? Puva and The M discuss the all female move. Everyone's favorite Sesame Street game, Name the Oppressor. Endo Update: Hot Flash City.
Thanks for all the calls and many many emails.
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Puva and me. Show from August 8. First installment of Skirt Report. Empowering or soul sucking? Cheerleader daughter to lesbians?
Can you name a film where a woman is violent towards males in the same senseless fashion men are towards females? that doesn't involve revenge.
Thanks for all calls and emails.

*This podcast is rather crass. Please don't listen if you are easily bothered or if you are male.

I am Moving House A Half-Life disappears Today. The last recording in The M's loft recording studio. Next stop, Uterus Studios... This episode Pussy Vagina and The M talk Heidi Klum, gender tests in sports, paper subversion, breast impants and of course the update on the ALL Female Move. Also, endo-update.


The lampooner is dead, canine fighting like it should be Ick vs. Fat Bloated Fake Moz from the Future. The second segment of skirt report. There are canned episodes!!! 330-2TAMPON
Reading from Bertha Harris short story, "This is Dedicated to the One I Love." 2000. A Woman Like That Stories by Lesbian and Bisexual Authors edited by Joan Larkin.


Completely unscheduled solo The Menstruator... Fay Weldon's The Fat Woman's Joke is read as well as a special interactive portion of the show!

Pussy vagina has a fever and we reduce it with talk of the Beer Summit (with full beer analysis, I'm actually digesting a photo of the beer summit right now), Maxi Pad summit, I want to adopt Liberian rapist children, How gay our dads are and fag talk.


Can you feel the malaise thick in the air? Synarel is kicking The Menstruator's ass and it's a tell all. Katamari is briefly discussed as well as Trash Panic. Of course Pussy Vagina aka Bloodrag the Bi-Defender stops by to discuss Dr. Drew on the Larry King show w/ the Trans panel and the WNBA All Star dunk that made us teary. Well it made PuVa teary, though I'm the one at the menostop.


Pussy Vagina stops by to reveal her shocking confession of having a constant yeast infection since age 13. The pope broke his wrist doing what to the movie Bruno?
Synarel in the battle over endometriosis, who will win the rights to my intestines? Wetness discussion. Enjoy. 100% Explicit!!!


Oh my invalid friend... Endometriosis anyone? Man made hormone intake is the dare on the table. Would you in sisterhood? Pussy Vagina aka Bloodrag the Bi-Defender is here to tell you about her Qfest experience. There's no expiration date for menstrual blood. I would like Alice Walker to sit on my... shut your mouth.


Endometriosis abound, PUVA comes over to discuss nasty period stories, Palin, 4th of July-Iraq-sounding background w/ fireworks. Cysts bursting in air. Where's the WNBA? Paint a vulgar lost dog poster contest.
We do the show w/ no bras on!!!


Pussy Vagina (blood rag the bidefender) and The Menstruator chat away about Farah, Morrissey, menopause and Pie.
Contests!!! Paint a Vulgar lost dog poster for fake fat bloated morrissey from the future... PLUS email your period horror stories...

Pussy Vagina stops in to discuss the latest in news: Tyson, Supreme Court, Gay marriage... Featured reading: Ain't I a Woman bell hooks 1981. Women in music? Where are they... Where's the cunt in country? The vag roll in rock and roll? Sexism in the music industry is surfacely discussed.
facebook: Leeanne Menses Henry
Happy Cramps.


Selection read from Monica Drake's Clown Girl. I have surgery AND my period. Pussy Vagina aka Blood Rag the Bi-defender is my nurse. The hospital experience. endometriosis.

Random show: Housewives of varied cunties, news items with Pussy Vagina aka Blood Rag the Bi-Defender. How to battle shirtless men in public? Why do all women only spaces have to be so rural? Obama gave me ulcers. No reading this time lucky fuckers (i screwed the pooch on the audio end, was going to be Who Stole Feminism?)Speaking of pooches, my dog shat out my period?


The Mother's Day show. Dedicated to mostly non-moms and harshly judged mothers. New Segment, the Menstruator comes out of character. Selected readings- AM Homes The End of Alice 1996 & Lionel Shriver's We Need to Talk about Kevin, 2003.
Upcoming shows: Drunk show w/ Pussy Vagina and Fat Bloated Fake Morrissey from the Future. Lesbian fitness with Pussy Vagina. I reach out to Canada and Australian.


Bleed on a dollar? Pussy Vagina is the guest here to defend all bisexuals and their practices. Equality Forum 2009 discussed. Is Pussy Vagina aka Blood Rag the Bi-defender attracted to her father? Featured reading Lover written by Bertha Harris in 1976.


Featured reading selection: Voltairine de Cleyre, On Marriage.
Hear the pad riped 'round the world and a throw down of tampon tug-a-war proportions.
Is that cocktail sauce in your pants or do you have your period? Meet Pussy Vagina (AKA Blood Rag the Bi-Defender) fresh from a pig-breeder wedding.


Featured text, This Sex which is Not One, by Luce Irigaray, Beligian feminist.
365-shit and aOH-hell news discussed.
Tit punching encouraged.
Happy Cramps to You.


My first endeavor. Book featured: Are you there God? It's me Margaret. If I say the same thing a few times it's because I think you are stupid and need to hear the same things a few times. Future shows explored: guests to expect and segments. The worst lesbian head is still better than the worst male head giver.